2018 Incredible Race Recap

Race Day was…Incredible!

Thanks to everyone who participated.  From our sponsors to our venues, teams, and BAH attendees, everyone had a great time.  Don’t believe us?  Check out some images from race day.

On your marks, get set…GO!

After months of planning and two practice runs, over 60 racers on 14 teams assembled on the starting line on the basketball courts at the Milton Sports Centre.  Once they completed the challenge, each team was given a different pathway to follow.  The pathways took them through the 10 venues listed below before all teams headed to Granite Ridge Golf Club for the final event.

Meet the Teams


Venue: Milton Sports Centre

Challenge: Marshmallow Shooter.  Teams were given a box with several items in it.  They had to construct a device to launch a marshmallow into a cup held on their team mates head.  The launcher and receiver had to be a minimum distance apart.

Venue: Milton Public Library Beaty Branch

Challenge: Library Quest. Teams followed a series of clues to discover different books in the library.  This path lead teams to a computer where they learned about the library’s new app – QUEST

Venue: RBC Insurance 

Challenge:  Drive Wise and Insurance Smart. Teams completed a quiz on insurance then headed inside to test the skills on Drive Wise’s driving simulator.

Venue: Tandia Credit Union

Challenge: Financial Challenge.  Teams competed in a financial relay where they had to stamp cheques, count cheques, coin & cash, and complete a quiz.

Venue: Orange Snail Brewers

Challenge: Fill ‘er up.  Teams washed, labelled, filled and capped 1 dozen beer bottles.

Venue: myFM 101.3 Milton

Challenge:  Be a Reporter for a day.  Teams were given a press release which they had to condense into a 25-30 second news story.  Then teams proceeded into the booth and 1 member of the team recorded the story.

Venue: Kelso Conservation Area

Challenge: Ropes Course.  After completing a 10 minutes safety briefing, teams ascended the course tower to take a turn on the ropes.

Venue: Woodbine Mohawk Park

Challenge: Off to the Races.  Teams headed to Mohawk’s Terrace Trackside Buffet.  After watching a video of a horse race, teams searched the tables of the dining room to find a sheet which correctly listed the finishing order of the horses on the race video.

Venue: Bob Rumball Canadian Centre of Excellence for the Deaf  and The Range

Challenge:  Signs and greens. In this two-part challenge, teams were asked to use a card to spell out the Centre’s mission statement using American Sign Language.  Teams then headed outside where two team members were given a putting challenge and two team members were given a challenge at the driving range.

Venue: Granite Ridge Golf Club and The Albatross Restaurant at Granite Ridge

Challenge:  The Final Challenge.  The top 5 teams to arrive at Granite Ridge Golf Club competed for the Incredible Race Trophy.  The challenge consisted of multiple legs that involved all team members.  Business After Hours attendees were able to watch all the activity from the balcony of The Albatross Restaurant and cheer on the competitors.

Part 1: Relay Race – Team members raced to different locations to answer questions about the history and operation of the Granite Ridge Golf Course before parallel parking a golf cart.

Part 2: Water Relay – Team members were given a solo cup with a hole in it and were asked to fill a container to a certain point.  Teams had to pass the cup in a relay – under one person’s legs, then over one person’s head to fill the container.

Part 3: Putting Competition – Teams took turns trying to get a hole-in-one.  First team to accomplish this became the race winner.