We have been supporting our community for over 12 years employing many youth. Our business has flatlined and we have no resources to pay our rent. Landlord has no interest in speaking with us. How do we get out of our lease or get financial assistance?

The Government of Canada has announced the new Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance program to help small businesses cover their rent for April, May, and June. The assistance program will be worked out in collaboration with the province

Will the CEBA be relaxed so it can be applicable to the thousands of small businesses who do not employ staff, but independent contractors. It would be a benefit to many I’m sure during these difficult times.

Ontario is helping businesses with cash flow through many tax and other deferrals over the coming months. The CERB was amended to allow people to ear up to $1,000 per month while collecting the CERB.

I’m unsure whether independent contractors are being looked at, but they did announce a relaxing to the criteria for the CEBA, the payroll range has been increased to $20,000-$1.5 million.

I listened to the Prime Minister’s update this am regarding supporting solo entrepreneurs, I’m still confused as to what support we are getting as it still seems we are not being supported and no deadline on when we will be. ie/ under 10 hours per week of work… does that now qualify us?? so confused and have 0 income.

The CERB is available for self-employed individuals so long as you had an income of at least $5,000 in 2019. Eglibility for the program was expended to now allow people to earn up to $1,000 per month while collecting the benefit.

The new eligibility criteria for the CERB, which I believe is what you’re referencing, allow you to earn up to $1,000 per month while receiving the $2,000 per month flat rate benefit. So if your earnings are diminished, you can apply. If you are receiving the CERB, you can look for work without worrying about losing the benefit.

I understand the 15% is only for March 2020. It remains as 30% for future months.
This is correct.

I’m in design consulting for the construction. Our summer months are always busy with construction activity. We hire summer students to support us. Given the situation with Covid, we have no idea what the summer months will hold. We are assuming a slowdown. Will there be any new projects brought forward to fill the gap due to loss of construction activity?

Under the State of Emergency, specific construction projects have been deemed essential and are allowed to continue e.g. if residential construction projects involve renovations to residential properties and construction work was started before April 4

Is the 15% reduction in revenue being calculated year over year or based on last month?
The 15% reduction is if you are using March as the month with the decreased revenue to compare revenues Adam: can be month over month.

Thanks for hosting this, very informative and helpful. Adam, this question is for you regarding the CERB. We heard that if a business is still operating and the Owner is still active in it, despite not affording to pay themselves because of lack of revenue, they wouldn’t be eligible for the CERB. Is this true?

Galen: Hey Daniel, the CERB is available for anyone who is receiving $0 income as a result of COVID, they are also going to include people receiving wages for <10 hours per week

Adam: I believe you will be, contact my office.

Can you please confirm/clarify, regarding people who had two jobs…one full-time and a second part-time hourly-pay job. If the person has been laid off completely from the full-time job but still has some income from the part-time job, under the changes announce today, does the person qualify for the CERB as long as s/he only has under 10 hours of work with the part-time job?

They do qualify for the CERB as long as they are receiving 0 income now, this will be updated to people who are working less than 10 hours in the future That was the question…based on Trudeau’s announcement today…if they work less than 10 hours at the 2nd job they will be eligible for the CERB.

Are the insurance companies going to help the small business in any way? They are one of the highest expenses some small business have. It is not like rent if you dont pay, they cancell you, and you will not get insurance when the economy gets better.

All options are on the table when it comes to finding ways to support people and businesses. Currently, the province helping to free up cash flow to help pay for expenses, like insurance, through tax and other deferrals.

With regards to the 75% wage supplement: If I understand it correctly is that I could hire some/all my employee back with the understanding that they would only get 75% of there regular wage which would be coverd by there government and if we can cover a top up of the 25% then we can do that?

If you email me at galen.naidooharris.457@parl.gc.ca I will find you an answer on that Example: If John usually makes $1000 a week but has agreed to receive $750 (75%) a week. Until the company can generate revenue again will the government cover the whole $750 as this would be 75% of their regular wage and then once the company generates revenue they would top up their wage the additional 25%

“We are a Medicare business that can help with shortage of Covid-19 related products.
1) We have applied for Health Canada establishment license for successful imports, but have not heard back. Health Canada websites say these permissions are granted within 24hours. How can we learn more about the status and grant of this?
2) How do we connect with local Doctor’s offices, institutions, hospitals etc for supplies of Masks, Gowns etc.?
3) Will the govt help with loans to fund the Purchase orders, as the Terms offered by some overseas suppliers are 100% advance and non negotiable for the most part.”

They can reach out to Health Canada directly at 1-866-225-0709, if there is no answer there they can email adam.vankoeverden@parl.gc.ca or galen.naidooharris.457@parl.gc.ca. The Government of Canada has created the Business Credit Availability Program which offers loans of up to $6.25m and the Canada Emergency Business Account which offers interest free loans of up to $40,000 to support COVID affected businesses. Evan: Provincially, the government has launched Ontario Together as a means to empower local businesses and community members to help in our fight against COVID-19. PPE purchased through this portal will be distributed to front line workers and other areas of priority

We are also being told that we have no choice in this matter. They are not comming in as they do not have a babysitter for their child.

Workers are eligible for CERB if they are off work due to child care.

we have several Pensioners who work for us to supliment small pensions, if we lay them off, will they get any payments, from CERB?

As of right now, you need to be receiving $0 income to be eligible for the CERB but they are looking at seniors specific supports in the future and looking at ways to expand the CERB for those receiving very little income in the future

Hi Adam, are there any timelines for when the CEBA will be laxed for those who do not meet the min payroll requirements (ex. Health clinics). Many small businesses are desperately searching for funding options and banks are advising of a minimum 3-4 weeks delay…

The Business Credit Availability Program has been launched to offer $40 billion of credit to small and medium sized businesses through the Business Development Bank of Canada and Export Development Canada. This will include two streams and launch three weeks after March 27th, available through businesses’ normal financial institutions. The streams are:
a. Loan Guarantee for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: will issue new operating credit and cash flow term loans of up to $6.25 million, and
b. Co-Lending Program for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: BDC & financial institutions will co-lend incremental credit amounts of up to $6.25 million” “Hi Galen, thanks for this. I am aware of this, but the terms are not as beneficial as the CEBA which forgives $10k based on conditions. The COVID-19 includes a 60% balloon payment which is very difficult for business owners.

When are the small business bank loans ($40,000) going to come available? CIBC says we “might” be able to apply next week.

I think it’s bank by bank… TD sent emails out last week.

This will roll out in “mid april,” keep an eye on the PM’s updates and email our office at adam.vankoeverden@parl.gc.ca for more info

How do we access the 75% wage subsidy program? Is the application available? Are we able to access the 10% subsidy along with the 75% subsidy?

The wage subsidy programs will add up to a max of 75% together, not 85%, applications happen through CRA’s my business account

I am told that a staff can apply for benefits only if they have not been paid in the last 2 weeks. However, we pay our staff once a month. They have worked until March 13 but were paid only on April 1 – which is our pay day. Can they still apply for CERB? Thanks

It’s about when the hours are for, not when they got paid.

Exactly. So long as they weren’t paid for 14 consecutive days, they can receive the CERB

Is the CEWS available for businesses that don’t have a traditional company structure? For example, employees perform work for multiple companies but are paid out of only one company. How can we prove revenue losses when revenue is distributed across a few companies not only the company employees are paid from?

If you email me at galen.naidooharris.457@parl.gc.ca I can get you an answer