CECRA is an empty promise.  Many landlords are not open to the process of the application.         

If you want to discuss your individual situation with our office or want to put your landlord in contact with us so we can outline the scope and some of the benefits of the program to them, please send us an email at adam.vankoeverden@parl.gc.ca or call us at 905-693-0166

Can renovation businesses open to do outside work since landscapers are allowed to work outside?    

Section 27 – 31 highlights the construction sector. Hope that helps!

I would ask all levels of government to consider tax credits or some other incentive for SMB and micro businesses who have been unsupported by any ERP program.  Those who are not eligible for CEBA, CEWS or CECRA need assistance.           

To supplement, I want to mention that Adam has also been advocating for additional eligibility criteria for some of the supports already in place so that more people can access what’s already there.   Great suggestion!  Tiffany as you will know we fall into that category.

How are landlords to know that a SMB has 70% + reduction in revenue?      

I would imagine that is something you could communicate to the landlord directly by sharing whatever information you have available about your revenue, but if you have any follow-up questions or need specific guidance on your situation, we would be happy to take this conversation offline and can be reached at

That insight needs to come from the businesses. So many businesses are 100% closed, so it’s an obvious reduction – but many are managing some revenues.

 Do you have a list of the types of businesses that students are forming.  Would like to know if there are services we could use.

Once we have the successful applicants and their businesses ready to launch, we will promote on our Twitter, Facebook and on our website. @haltonbusiness website: halton.ca/summercompany

If you visit the halton.ca/summercompany website, you will see the graduates from our 2019 Summer Company program. With COVID-19, some of these businesses do not adhere to the public health guidelines (i.e. social distancing, etc), but there are still lots of businesses now that students can launch and adapt to for these times. We can work with students to tweak their plans to ensure they’re more viable.

Our landlord informed us that he will not take a 25% loss on rent. No matter what changes occur, he will not participate. It would be better to have a program where businesses receive a direct payment from the government. Very few landlords want to take a loss on rent.         

please email us at adam.vankoeverden@parl.gc.ca, we would be happy to look into your individual situation and determine when/how we can help communicate the benefits of this program in cases where landlords are reticent to participate.

How does the wage subsidy work when employees want to continue on CERB? We can’t afford to bring people back without using the subsidy, but can’t use the subsidy if they are on CERB. What is the best practice here?  

People can still earn $1000/month and stay on CERB, so depending on the type of business, the two programs can dovetail.   Employees do not have a choice.  If a safe work environment is provided, employees must return to work or they are quitting their jobs and not eligible for CERB. “Employees do not have a choice.  If a safe work environment is provided, employees must return to work or they are quitting their jobs and not eligible for CERB.

Thank you! We were under the impression that you couldn’t do both!” 

There are definitely situations where the programs can dovetail, but there are also situations where rehired workers may have to repay someof the amounts they received. There is more information available at this webpage: https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/subsidy/emergency-wage-subsidy/cews-frequently-asked-questions.html#q14 .

Can a renovation business do outside work such as building decks and fences or other landscape type work at this time now that “landscaping” companies are able to start back up?. We have customers waiting for their outside work to begin.   


Has WSIB considered rate reductions for furloughed employees?  It’s not fair that WSIB continues to charge rates for employees who are not physicaly working in high risk areas.       

WSIB is allowing employers to defer premium payments for up to six months, providing immediate relief of up to $1.9 billion  Only deferred, not reduced.