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How about a new take on the traditional book club? One that allows busy businesspeople to learn and interact, but doesn’t require as much time and commitment. CLIC, a new joint initiative of the Milton Chamber of Commerce and Milton Public Library, is that fresh approach. We’ll read a pre-circulated article on a business topic and then meet to discuss and learn from one another. It’s informal and easy.

CLIC meets on the first Tuesday of each month, except July and August, for a brown bag lunch in the Chamber Boardroom. For the first season of CLIC, we have chosen an HR theme since many small business owners struggle without HR expertise in-house…so, selecting, hiring, disciplining, training, and just staffing in general can be a minefield to handle.  This continuum of learning will help CLICers develop their skills. As CLIC unfolds, we can learn from participants in terms of articles or topics of importance. The Library’s Information Services team will then work their research magic to find interesting articles.

Registration is limited, so CLIC soon.

An Introduction to the 2017 CLIC Program: Staffing for Success What does staff success look like in small businesses? Meet like-minded business owners in the Milton community to launch this valuable learning opportunity.
Know Your Rights and Responsibilities Take away a better understanding of the rights and responsibilities of an employer.
Choose the Best Person for the Job Learn how to develop and deliver effective interviews, in order to choose the right person for the job. Cohort members will have the opportunity to share best practises and local resources for recruiting employees.
Unlock the Potential of your New Hires Take your staff training to the next level through reading about best practises and sharing ideas with your cohort.
Build an Effective Team Find out what it takes to build a great team and how to apply strategies from the world’s most innovative companies.
Inspire Exceptional Performance Performance management doesn’t have to be intimidating. Identify new strategies for addressing employee performance, and share strategies and tips for boosting and maintaining staff morale.