Would it be possible to put the link to the procurement portal here? Thanks!

Halton COVID-19 Response


Would you please email the forms for the tenants to submit to the landlords or direct us to where we can access them    


https://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/finance-and-investing/covid19-cecra-small-business”   “and do reach out to our office for a letter of support from us.

Are there any plans to elicit mortgage lenders/banks to provide more substantive commercial (and residential) rent relief?      

If you have a specific scenario that we can help out with, please email our office and we will work directly with you.

We have a good commercial rents program, happy to share with you our letter… for residential rents and mortgages, I’m happy to look into it.   As Parm mentioned, if you want to chat about a specific situation or to learn the scope of the supports that are in place and being considered, please reach out to our office at adam.vankoeverden@parl.gc.ca.

Can the 75% wage subsidy be applied to new employees eg. summer students in the coming summer months?  

I’m not sure about this… I can look into it for you. If they’re temporary positions I suspect not, and I do think you’ll need to have an existing payroll to qualify.