April 2016 – Springboard


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Presenter: Yuriy Nesvit, MBA Manager, Commercial Services, Business Development, Tandia
Topic: The 5 C’s Of Commercial Credit
Just when you thought you were fully prepared to approach a financial provider with the hopes and dreams of your business, you find out you missed a few things because “no one ever told you…” It could mean the difference between obtaining the funding you need to expand and grow your company versus a stalemate.
In this mini workshop, Yuriy Nesvit, Manager Commercial Services and Business Development at Tandia, will share the 5 C’s of Commercial Credit to help you best prepare to get lenders to say “YES” to you more often. You will not only learn about the 5 C’s (what they mean), but you will also learn why they are so important and the impact they have on the decision making process between an approval and a decline for your borrowing needs. You will be equipped with the information you need to empower you as a business ownerThis event is free to members.

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