CLIC – November 2018


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CLIC – November 2018
Thursday, November 8, 2018
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Milton Chamber of Commerce Boardroom
251 Main Street, East, Suite 101
Topic: Mental Health in the Workplace

Networking is important for building our relationships, our businesses, and our careers. Like many other business skills, however, networking takes practice, preparation, and the right mindset. Come discuss the art and science of networking essentials, and share your hard-earned tips and techniques for networking success.

How about a new take on the traditional book club? One that allows busy businesspeople to learn and interact, but doesn’t require as much time and commitment. CLIC, a new joint initiative of the Milton Chamber of Commerce and Milton Public Library, is that fresh approach. We’ll read a pre-circulated article on a business topic and then meet to discuss and learn from one another. It’s informal and easy. CLICk here for more information.

CLIC will meet on the first Tuesday of each month, except July and August, for a brown bag lunch in the Chamber Boardroom.  This continuum of learning will help CLICers develop their skills. As CLIC unfolds, we can learn from participants in terms of articles or topics of importance. The Library’s Information Services team will then work their research magic to find interesting articles.