Incredible Race – Venue Application


How to apply…

  1. Please complete this Event Venue application form.  Then click add to cart.

2. The committee will review  applications and contact possible venues for a site visit before making the final selection.

Please note:

  • Official Incredible Race Venues will be required to pay a fee of $250.
  • Venue fees are payable only if you are selected as an official Incredible Race Event Venue by the committee.
  • Once a business has been selected by the committee, they will be invoiced for the Venue fee of $250.  When that fee is paid, they will become an official Incredible Race Event Venue.

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Once you have completed the above application, please click “Add to Cart”.  Your application will be evaluated by The Incredible Race Committee.  If approved, you will be invoiced for the Event Venue fee of $250.


Thank you.

Milton Chamber of Commerce