Chamber Membership matters but you don’t have to take our word for it.  Here is what our members have to say…

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Meet Steve of City-Com Communications 

“(He’s a member) to meet like-minded peers and form friendships.”
City-Com Communications

Meet Stacey of myFM 101.3 Milton

“(She’s a Chamber Member because she) likes to stay connected with businesses and give back to the community.”
myFM101.3 Milton


Meet Fred of Intrigue Media 

“(I value Chamber Membership) because it connects me with other like-minded individuals.”
Intrigue Media Solutions

Meet Christian of JD Factors

“(Chamber Membership allows me) to gain access to great people and great organizations.”
JD Factors


Meet Matt of Zarr Tech 

“(I value Chamber Membership) to be involved in the Community.”
Zarr Tech

Meet Dan of PROforma U-Want-One

“(Chamber Membership allows me) to meet great people and industry leaders.”
Proforma U-Want-One



Meet Lorenzo of Fully Promoted – Powered by Embroidme and Larry of Coaching for High Performance

Lorenzo of Fully Promoted – Powerd by Embroidme – “(Chamber Membership allows me to be) part of a fun and up and coming town and business community!”

Larry  of Coaching for High Performance – “(Chamber Membership allows me to have)  face to face communication and building relationships.”

Meet Liane of Investor’s Group

“(Chamber Membership is all about) building relationships and (making) connections in the community.”
Investor’s Group



Meet Chrissy.
Royal LePage Real Estate Services

“As an entrepreneur in Milton, it gives me a strong platform to meet people and make connections.”
Chrissy Callery

Meet Donna of Milton Transitional Housing

“As an Executive Director of a nonprofit organization there’s really no better way to get connected with the community.”
Milton Transitional Housing

Meet Nancy, Sara and Kim.
Gordon Food Service

“We love Interacting and supporting the community.”.
Gordon Food Service

Meet Diana of Benefits Edge and Ursula of FSAM

Diana Tuszynski – The Benefits Edge Insurance Services Limited – “I appreciate the advocacy that the Chamber undertakes on behalf of the business community. The Chamber provides great networking opportunities and allows me to say informed and meet like-minded people.

Ursula McDermid – Fine Arts Society of Milton (FASM) – The Chamber offers great networking opportunities, allows me to meet people and provides opportunities to see local businesses.

Meet Angelo
Milton Orthotic and Wellness Centre

Whenever I meet someone that’s new to Milton, I tell them “you must be a member of the Chamber”.
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Milton Orthotic and Wellness Centre

Meet Carol

Networking is key. During my first 5 years in business, more than half of my business came through the Chamber.

Meet John
Your Man in Scotland

Chamber membership means leads, referrals and networking.
Your Man in Scotland

Meet Lianne and James
Fresh Start Odour Treatment

(Chamber membership) is the only way to grow your business locally.  It helps keep you in touch with the community.
Fresh Start Odour Treatment

Meet Sardool
Homewood Real Estate Inc.

(Chamber) advertising has been a good way to get the word out about my business.  I make connections at events that become leads.
Homewood Real Estate Inc.

Meet Richard
Centricity 360

(Chamber membership) means learning, volunteering and leadership.  It allows me to be part of the community.

Meet Marco and Nancy

(Chamber membership means) Networking.

Meet John
Mortgage Architects Brokerage #12728

(Chamber membership means) promoting local business to create a better community for business and residents

Meet Reis
The Rotary Club

The reason that I joined is for the betterment of the community.  I was a Chamber member while in business for 25 years and I am still one now as a Rotarian.
The Rotary Club

Meet Gerald, Andrea and Jassy
 FibreNew, Steward Wise and The Women’s Centre of Halton

Gerald: http://www.fibrenew.com/mississauga-west/

Andrea: (Chamber membership allows me) to meet other business owners.  I also take advantage of the Grand & Toy Savings.

Jassy: Chamber membership allows me to meet like minded people and build community connections.

Meet Lesley
The Halton Learning Foundation

The Chamber gives me leads, referrals and networking opportunities.
The Halton Learning Foundation

Meet Zen, Robert and Nicole
C. F. Crozier & Associates

Meet Zen, Robert and Nicole from CF Crozier & Associates
We value membership in the chamber because it provides streamlined access to the Milton community, and facilitates meaningful personal and professional relationships.
C. F. Crozier & Associates

Meet Krista.
ReMax Real Estate Centre Inc., Brokerage

(I’m a member of the Chamber) to meet like-minded people in the community.

Meet Brandon.
Investors Group

Meet Brandon. We Are Milton Chamber.

(Why am I a member of the Chamber?) New friends. New relationships. Bigger family.

Meet Amon, Mark and Nathan.
Sekhon Law; MLFSC; Chamber Board Member

Meet Amon Mark and Nathan We AreMiltonChamber

Amon: (I joined the Chamber to) Meet fellow business community members and stay connected to my community.  http://www.sekhonlaw.ca/


Nathan: The Chamber benefits for me personally have been numerous.  They include excellent networking opportunities leading to additional business, information / knowledge sharing, and involvement in the local community.

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Meet Kaitlin

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