Chamber of Commerce – Cogeco Message to Members

Keeping your team connected remotely
Dear members of the Chamber of Commerce,
The COVID-19 crisis has reshaped the way every business runs its operations. We all have to adapt to the new ways we are communicating and collaborating with our colleagues, business partners and clients. Now more than ever, an adaptable business is a thriving business.
Remote work has become part of the new normal. Even after the crisis, a remote workforce can bring many benefits to your bottom line and your employees. To be effective, it is crucial to assess your business’s technological needs, and ensure that your employees have everything they need to meet their objectives remotely.
As your local technology partner and member of the Chamber of Commerce, we would be happy to support all our co-members with secure, reliable remote work tools to keep everyone on your team productive.
Audio conferencing and unified communications solutions:
Our remote work tools include audio conferencing services that let you collaborate with your entire team by hosting up to 100 participants at a time.
Additionally, our unified voice communications makes it easy for you to stay connected with your coworkers at any time, anywhere with user-friendlymessaging, mobile and meeting features.
This means you can hold video conferences on both mobile devices and computers. You can also remotely access your email or phone to check voicemail messages and faxes. On top of all that, you get automated call answering services and call distribution.
With no on-site installation required, we’ll get your equipment up and running smoothly while keeping your employees safe.
Remember, we are in this together and we’re here to help you stay connected.
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