Changes to the 75% Wage Subsidy and Summer Jobs Program

On April 8, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau provided an update on the Government of Canada’s 75% Wage Subsidy program:

  • A business will now be able to compare their sales to the same month last year OR January and February, 2020. This will help new and growing firms who may not have qualified based on a comparison to 2019.
  • A business need only demonstrate a 15% reduction in gross revenues for March, 2020.
  • Charitable and Not-For-Profit organizations may include or exclude government money when calculating their loss.

Click here for more information on the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

Changes to the Summer Jobs Program

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also provided an update on the Canada Summer Jobs Program for 2020:

  • An increase to the wage subsidy, so that private and public sector employers can also receive up to 100% of the provincial minimum hourly wage for each employee
  • An extension to the end date for employment to February 28, 2021
  • Allow employers to adapt their projects and job activities to support essential services
  •  Allowing employers to hire staff on a part-time basis

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