Milton Opportunities in the Advanced Manufacturing SuperCluster (AMS)

The Milton Chamber is one of nine Chambers and Board of Trade from Toronto to Kitchener/Waterloo that form the Canada’s Innovation Corridor Business Council.

This Council, in cooperation with Communitech and MaRS, have submitted an application for federal funding under the government’s Innovation Superclusters initiative, which is expected to fund 5 projects in Canada to a maximum of $250M each. The application had to have matching funding from the private sector. The application for the Innovation Corridor attracted $800M in private sector commitments and 140 organizations wrote letters of support. It is expected the feds will announce the finalist by March 31st.

So what’s in it for Milton? The Chamber wants to ensure Milton companies are aware of any opportunities to either bid on SuperCluster projects or be suppliers to projects lead by other firms. The Chamber has created an advisory group to start the process of “asset mapping” or creating a database of applicable companies. The goal is to have an open communications channel so that, once AMS opportunities are announced, our Milton companies can be quickly informed.

The Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster will target those advanced manufacturing technologies that offer Canadian companies the greatest potential for step-change productivity improvement and new revenue growth based on the strengths of Ontario’s innovation ecosystem.  It will accelerate the adoption of digital technologies at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Industry 4.0.  And, it will invest in developing and scaling up new technologies in manufacturing including vision systems, robotics, smart materials, IOT software and devices, additive manufacturing, microelectronics, data analytics, artificial intelligence and smart machines.

If your company wants to be added to the AMS database, just send contact details to