Milton Public Library Celebrates Multicultural Integration through the New Horizons for Seniors Program

In a significant advancement for community inclusivity, the Milton Public Library (MPL) recently announced the successful completion of the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP). Funded by the Government of Canada, this program has notably enhanced the library’s accessibility and services for newcomers by offering multilingual resources.

Milton’s demographic diversity, characterized by its multilingual population, inspired MPL to initiate this project. In partnership with the Halton Multicultural Council, a dedicated group of local seniors, proficient in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French, and Ukrainian, volunteered to translate essential library resources. This initiative ensures that all community members, irrespective of their linguistic background, feel welcomed and supported.

As a result of this program, newcomers now have access to a wealth of resources in six different languages. The library provides free welcome brochures, tech notes, and a user-friendly “Get Started” webpage, which are instrumental in helping them navigate the library’s extensive offerings. Additionally, a broad collection of books, e-resources, and audio/visual materials in these languages is available, all accessible with a free Milton Public Library card.

The library has also introduced multilingual greetings at the main branch, reflecting the cultural richness of Milton and promoting a sense of belonging among all patrons. This welcoming gesture not only fosters unity but also underscores the library’s commitment to being a hub of diversity and inclusion.

This initiative is part of MPL’s broader strategy to engage community members across generations and cultural backgrounds, building on the success of previous initiatives like the ‘Hand-me-Down Project’. Through these efforts, MPL continues to enhance its services, making a positive difference in the lives of its patrons and enriching the community fabric of Milton.