Milton Public Library Embarks on a Transformative Journey: Join Their Community Survey

The Milton Public Library (MPL) stands as a beacon of inspiration, connection, and growth in the community. MPL is now undertaking a significant step forward with its Service Delivery and Organizational Review Project. This initiative is more than a mere enhancement of current services; it’s a bold reimagining of how MPL can serve as a cornerstone for innovation, learning, and community engagement.

What Is the Service Delivery and Organizational Review Project? Following a comprehensive staff survey, MPL is expanding its focus to the broader community. MPL is conducting online and telephone surveys, as well as organizing focus groups, to understand the community’s needs, aspirations, and ways to transform its services to better meet public expectations.

The Three Pillars of Focus:

Service Delivery Review: MPL is diving deep into their current services to unearth efficiencies, and explore sustainable practices.

Organizational Review: A thorough examination of MPL’s processes and staffing, to recommend a structure that’s agile and responsive to community needs.

Community Engagement: This is where you come in! MPL is seeking your voice to shape their offerings, understand your needs, and measure their impact in the community.

Your Voice Matters: From January 22 to February 2, 2024, MPL invites the community to participate in its survey. Through the accessible online survey, interactive telephone survey, every voice is critical. Additionally, on January 18th and January 24th, it will be conducting its various focus groups.  All details, including links to the online survey and focus group registrations, can be found on MPL’s dedicated webpage: Service Delivery Review.

Why Participate?

  1. Shape Your Library: Feedback will directly influence MPL’s services and programs.
  2. Community Empowerment: This is an opportunity for the community to voice what they love, need, and wish to see at MPL.
  3. Foster Growth: Help MPL evolve to meet the diverse needs of an ever-changing community.

Join the Journey:

MPL encourages everyone to participate in this transformative project. Community insights are the catalyst for MPL’s growth and the essence of its mission to ‘Be Inspired.’ This is a collective effort to start a new chapter in MPL’s story. For more information, please visit the MPL webpage and stay tuned for continuous updates.