OCC Report to address the transportation deficits across the province

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) will be developing a report that provides public policy recommendations to address the transportation deficits across the province within three main pillars – governance, rail (heavy and light) and autonomous technology. Chamber members throughout Ontario will have the opportunity to help inform the report and provide perspective on some key transportation principles

Some concepts that will be discussed include:

  • What is the role of multi-modal terminals in improving the provincial transportation landscape?
  • Can a comprehensive rail strategy in the province address rail issues and effectively connect different regions of the province?
  • What key challenges, such as first mile/last mile, can autonomous technology help address?
  • How can autonomous technology be introduced into the larger discourse of transportation problem-solving?
  • What is the most optimal method of decision making that effectively integrate the different actors involved in the management of transportation strategy and apparatuses in the province?

In the meantime, the Toronto Board of Trade has released the fifth report in their Movement of Goods series, putting forward four policy recommendations to improve the current state of goods movement in the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor (the Corridor) and help the region develop a comprehensive multimodal strategy.

Bold Solutions for the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor