Exploring the vital link in our economy

Supply chain. Those two words may not have meant as much to people pre-pandemic.

But everyone certainly knows now how critical a supply chain — the steps to deliver goods or services to the consumer — is to our everyday lives.

Empty store shelves or delays in ordering products have proven how logistics, warehousing, distribution and transportation are vital for our day-to-day lives and for manufacturing processes.

Here in Milton, we have a robust supply chain sector. We also have an annual event, the World Class Supply Chain Summit, that brings industry leaders together to learn, share best practices and look to the future.

This year’s summit, in May, has a theme highly relevant for life in the time of COVID-19 — Creating a Sustainable Future.

The Chamber, along with our partners at the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University and CN, is proud and excited to be presenting a conference that’s so relevant and timely.

As climate change and the pandemic continue to test the global supply chain, it’s never been more important for academic and industry leaders to explore the opportunities inherent in developing a resilient, sustainable system.

Supply chain sustainability not only addresses how individual companies alter operations, it can also become an end-to-end approach as businesses work with first, second and third-tier suppliers to trace and track environmental impacts.

Sustainability can mean looking at how products travel, electrifying modes of transportation, co-ordinating schedule times so delivery trucks are not idling as much, and more. Helping the summit explore sustainable practices are speakers from two local companies, DSV Air and Sea and ONE for Freight.

One of the exciting aspects of the summit is the participation of students from Laurier and beyond. In having a hybrid summit, in-person and online, even more students from across Canada can be involved. They are the supply chain leaders of tomorrow, providing insights and enthusiasm for our summit.

An efficient, sustainable supply chain is critical to Canada’s economy, and our collective future. The summit here in Milton helps create the supply chain of tomorrow.